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Today is about the 2nd week into Offical Quarentine! I hope your aren't going too crazy lol. I have found this time to sit still to be extremely productive. I have come up with a few way to interact with me... THE REAL ME! I intend to use THIS BLOG. as a Journal. Entries of My Day-to-Day, My Rants, My Good Days & Bad days! HERE is where you will not only get to know Me, but you will receive a closer look into what makes me tick and what motivates Me to Be the Perfect Person Whom YOU worship so much ;)

Right now, I am sitting at Home with Black Mamba, a fellow Dominatrix & Colleague of a few years. You can find about TWELVE (12) CLIPS of us Together! Even a DOUBLE FOOTJOB clip! YES! ONLY $9.99 each OR FREE for 30 days if you subscribe for ONLY $14.99 per month to THIS Website in the VIDEO section. Yes your Queen is Fair & Extremely Efficient. We both have our laptops out... We are completing Administrative work for our seperate brands. She is editing New Clips. I am Typing this First Blog Post and Optimizing My website to be More interesting and convenient for YOU. I am also Marketing via emails and my Social Media pages like Instagram and Twitter to spread the word on THIS NEW SUBSCRIPTION HERE... Netflix is playing ARES. The Air fryer has wings cooking up for a late lunch. Yummm!

What are My Loyals Up too?! How are you keeping busy during Quarentine beside chilling with Your Queen of course? Comment if you can below. I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to utilize my website for the CHAT OPTION, yet another way to contact me personally. I have an APP attached to MY PHONE so I get a notification for EVERY LOG IN, EVERY CHAT, I Literally am SYNCED to this website as if its apart of ME because IT IS Indeed an Extension of ME! I soon will be scheduling bi weekly LIVE CAM sessions here as well! I am VERY excited about this! Please take the time to also visit My Podcast Page on Twitter @YES_MAAM and this is the link for the Podcast on APPLE

Thank you for Reading! More to come Tomorrow!

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