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Hey Tierra doll aka QVF lovers!

Been a while! Hope you guys are adjusting well to how things have been lately. The current state of our planet and society has really taken an emotional toll on Me as you all can imagine. I’m slow on producing new content because I have been experiencing major creative blocks. It’s as if EVERYONE can FINALLY SEE what I have been dealing with mentally and you guys are actually sharing the Stress I have been experiencing due to micro aggression from white ppl on a daily basis and also the anxiety I experience when going outside due to the non stop police brutality of my people for Decades. Yes we have tried to

Forgive and forget and be peaceful but enough has really been enough. I hope you all are taking the time to educate yourselves and your families, encourage and teach your children the right things! Change starts in the home! A lot of white families have been taught to dislike or be prejudiced/ bias towards people of color. It’s passively taught to you by your parents and grandparents without you even realizing. And this is the first step... just in case you’re unaware of where to begin!

Books and movies about REAL Black History has been available forever. Of course it is not what they teach in public schools and we also know it is not the first thing you look for in when you visit a book store or library. It’s a shame that America has such a history so painful that it doesn’t even want to enlighten it citizens of. Instead it systematically oppresses one group more then the others, so that we cannot see it plainly. It’s uncomfortable to hear, watch, and understand because it’s almost mythical what we have gone thru. And it should not feel this way because it was VERY REAL for even my Parents. This is why it is personal for so many of us! Slavery did not end 400 years ago! Jim Crow laws were active in 1960s! This is about 60 years ago! This means you can asked your grandparents HOW THEY WERE INVOLVED! Because many of them were!! Knowing this even makes it weird for my to smile at old white people in the street. Imagine trying to hold the door open for a seemingly sweet old white lady, and her not even saying thank you because she feels entitled to this behavior from me or she prolly knows she had a picnic with a hanged black man in her background. Sick!

White Americans have become so ignorant that it forces black people to not care to differentiate between the multiple

Caucasian ethicities who aren’t even involved! We have channeled our distain towards ALL WHITES. We are aware and knowledgeable of the Quaker’s that helped many runaway slaves back then. And we are aware of the whites whom have no slave master ancestry. You need to speak the loudest! Instead of hiding behind the privilege that makes your life EASY! If you would not trade places with a black person in this day and age... then you should definitely be helping and protesting right along with us! We asked for civil rights which were never given to us. Equal rights never given to us.

You think we have the same opportunities until I don’t get a call back because I have an ethnic name, or until I don’t qualify for things like houses, houses, cars, college all because they KNOW black families do not make over a certain amount... so they set the minimum there! Equal opportunity employment aka Affirmative action... honestly shouldn’t be a thing since black ppl should be hired as much as everyone else. Shame it had to be a law! I swear if they would have given our great grand parents 40 acres and a mule like they promised!!! We would not have this problem!! We would literally be equal or doing better then slot of ppl. Of course the government and free masons do not want that outcome. That’s why the destroy everything we build. Look up black Wall Street. Look up the first Black Republican Party and how the KKK were sent to dismantle it! How can we catch up or win if white ppl keep finding ways and making laws to legally BURN US DOWN?! How???

This is why doing what I’m doing. I’m hell bent of collecting reparations for my family! I want to buy land! I want to own and build for my future family. I want them to have everything we have been deprived of for sooooo many years! It’s a fair goal! White people owe us to be equal. Only way we can is if You Share! BUY BLACK! Support black business and Black Dommes! Allow the money to flow thru our communities as we have spent our dollar with EVERYONE! I accept all white submissives because this is what I deserve! I deserve to be served my whites solely because of what your ancestors have done to mine. It’s time to make it right!

America has NEVER been what it’s aspires to be as yet! It has never been great! It will only be great when it rectifies it’s history against Black people. Then and ONLY then will it be land of the FREE home of the Brave!

Sorry for rambling but this was dying to come out. It simply cannot be ignored. I am NOT an Angry Black Woman... another bias placed upon us to lessen the honor and respect we really deserve! I am a melinated QUEEN so royal and so misplaced in the world. So underrated, unprotected, unrespected, most duplicated and copied by other races, told I’m ghetto but when non blacks copy it’s cool? No! What I am is TIRED!

Thank you for reading and taking the time to understand where I stand in all this. I do not wish things do back to “normal”. Things need to be as they have never been! Only then will I be truly happy. Ask me what you can do for me! My cashapp is $TierraDoll1 I am accepting reperations & I always have before this social debacle. There is a Tribute button on the the homepage of this website. I am

Currently flying back to Atlanta from California and I will be filming again upon my return! Thank you 😊

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