Missed you all!

It’s been a minute and I’ve been meaning to write another blog post for the last few weeks. There’s so many new updates I have to give my fans and supporters and friends. I am always up to something and always out here being the best version of myself that I can possibly be well dominating the boys at the same time. Just want to take a second to think oh my God boys. You know who you are.

I have been on a journey as far as my frequency in the gym. All summer I have been in the gym downstairs from my condo since it opened. I am currently on day 51. My body has changed so tremendously especially since I’ve gained almost 30 pounds. I didn’t exactly change my diet yet but I have been toning up all the right places. And everyone notices the demand for Facesitting sessions have doubled. All of the boys want a place as my seat. And I still offer these sessions in bikini, shorts, or yoga pants, no nudity.

I also have been mentoring quite a few new models. So look out for and follow the New faces that I post in my story. They are from all over the world and guess what the best part about them is. They are all beautiful Ebony goddesses. And they must be perfect since I’m vouching for them right. they all have a unique look and they all have perfectly. I am going to teach them everything I know and empower them to live life in their power exactly as I am doing. We need to have more women on this planet that think the way we do, don’t you think? The world would be a better place. I feel as if it’s my duty to wake these queens up and teach them to grab life and white men by the balls and do whatever they please with it,. I feel that it is my calling To remind women that our place is on top. The matriarchy will rise again.

Now before I go back to my perfect life, I just want to close this entry with some thing I have learned recently. And it is to trust your intuition, trust your magic. I haven’t even opened a Tarot card reading Instagram account recently. I am doing very well, once I trusted my intuition to share my gifts with the world., most of you know I am a very spiritual person. So I have decided to cited to share that side of me as well with you. OK I am using the dictation so it’s beginning to mess up my words a little bit so I’m going to end it here I love you all and thank you for supporting me since day one. 😘

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