Just another productive day...

Hey QVF Lovers!

I think it’s officially been a month since we been on this so called “Quarantine”. How is Everyone feeling? I am keeping busy and having fun, relaxing with friends. I participated in 2 or 3 don’t rush challenges which were hella fun. So fun I decided to be active on Tiktok lol. My username is @TierraDoll1 so follow me there! I recently also released a long awaited episode #11 on my podcast. I spoke briefly about cuckholds and the hot wife lifestyle in 2020, as it’s not so traditional now a days lol. I explained the definition and different types of cuckhold relationship situations. Hope those who are interested find it useful. I will try to keep up my Every Monday consistency, I miss having an active podcast. I’m going to take more steps in solidifying that part of my brand. I actually need a new mic that’s compatible to my Mac book air lol so if anyone has suggestion on that please message my inbox on the website... thanks!

Today I plan on working till the afternoon, on editing 2 new 10 min clips I filmed 2 days ago. The first is a hot wife homewrecker humiliation. The 2nd is a latex ass worship clip. I love humiliation and verbally berating my little white beta boys. It’s my favorite thing to do honestly. I know a small few of you aren’t that type and that’s fine but just understand that is MY LANE and I do what I enjoy. Not what other think I should be doing to make them happy. Im here to be served! And that’s the difference between foot models (who are catering to you) as opposed to models like myself who have a Large democraphic of submissive fans. I’m a REAL LIFESTYLE DOMINATRIX. This is not an act. Not a role. It’s 24/7... if ur hoping I will change or put out submissive content you will be disappointed lol. Don’t hold your breath baby.

I also was inspired to film a new strap on clip... after I did a similar Skype this morning. It came out really sexy and it’s 10 mins long. I like that I am to make all my clips at least 8-10 mins. It’s fair for the price right? I like to remain affordable as far as premade clips go because I love when u guys BINGE on my content it truly makes my heart flutter. Lol I’m looking for a new pegging film slave. The first one flopped and said he woke up late but if you flake on the QUEEN you will never get another chance! So that was it for him! I have been getting so many request for pegging clips it’s insane. Well today I just gave my puppy Cawfee a light bath and now I’m sitting at the laptop about to edit all the new clips I just named. Don’t worry they will be available HERE FIRST before they drop on any other site so make sure u check back on FRIDAY to see!! Till Next time!

Love QVF!

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