Entry 5

Hello QVF Lovers

Happy belated 4/20 i hope everybody is well. I hope your reading my blog and it puts you in the best of moods to hear from ME. I’m taking some time to tell u about my last few days. This weekend was nice and calm. On Saturday I had a foot worship session. It went so smoothly. He was a complete gentleman and I allowed him to record his own personal videos on his phone. He worshipped my beautiful feet for an hour as I talked him into an orgasm. It was great! I know he’s grateful to have met me and had this perfect experience I provided.

YES I am still hosting LIMITED sessions to locals of ATLANTA. Only one will be chosen for the day. You will he asked to watch your hands and remove your shoes. I live alone so I have been respecting social distance guidelines. I hope you all have as well. If you have not kept your interactions minimal, then I have to ask you do not book with me. I want us all to be smart and most of all be safe LOL.

I am currently updating this website with my newer videos. I hope you all enjoy and find something u like here. I have invested in new equipment, green screen and better editing programs. So your are now able to order more creative customs from me and I’m very excited about this. I have been feeling very creative since the quarantine. The alone time I feel has been a blessing in disguise for me. The glow up will be extremely REAL. I hope you all are marking the best of your time and being productive as well.

Yesterday was 4|20 and Queen Black Mamba and I were smoking, filming and promoting ourselves. We smoked like 3 blunts. We had Chinese food... beef and broccoli, ribs, fried dumplings. It was so BOMB! Y’all know I love food. We were drinking champagne and my new go-to drink Tequila strawberry cream. It’s like strawberry milkshake lol or baileys! I love it and it sneaks up on u so nicely. Maybe more of a ladies drink tho. Right now I’m writing my to-do list for the week. And getting ready to join a video call about forex trading I been training for a week and I’m slowly gaining. A better understanding of what I would be doing and how to actually trade. I’m very excited to start and begin making real money. I’m not focused on having people join me yet because I want to learn more before I start teaching someone else. So I’m gunna focus on Me first. But still I’m really excited about it. Another thing I wanna get into is Voice Over Gigs. I have been told so many times that my voice need to be hear, whether on radio or tv- I grew an interest in voice over talent. So if you know anyone in your network that can open a door for me, please let me know. I will be writing again in about 2 days. Just trying to leave room to have things to tell u guys lol.

Love y’all!!

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