Entry 3

Hello QVF lovers! I’m currently typing to you from on the floor of the front door of my apt, as I have been locked out since 12:30pm. Its now a quarter past 3pm and I’m still here SMH. I seem to have left my keys in a friends car & did not realize u til they were long gone! Silly me! All Good... I am still happy I have u guys to talk to!

I have uploaded more clips to The queue on my Onlyfans and on my clipstore at Clips4sale. These will not release until May 2020. Next I will upload the same clips to this video store here and they will be available immediately for $9.99 each as always. Or if u join the monthly subscription you are granted access to the store for only $14.99 🤓.

I have 2 customs to fulfill today and then I’m taking my puppy on a hike in the park. Practicing social distancing is kind of lonely but people we see outside are still friendly.

Update : 4/11 6:30pm

I was chilling with my puppy outside all day. I accomplished a few things off my to do list and then I was feening for some outside. So I’m just getting inside from basically sunbathing... LOL I went live on twitter with my neighbor and her friend who is visiting from Japan. We were drinking since brunch and decided to keep the party going until about an hour ago. My main slave seems to be behaving correctly so I won’t have To block him today. I’m had a perfect brunch on shrimp and grits with champagne. I also later ate a bowl of Apple Jacks with almond milk. And for a late lunch before this nap I currently feel like having is pasta with ground turkey meat sauce. It was SO GOOD. I just finished it. So yea.... I will be back to tomorrow with more of my adventures lol.

Love Your Queen QVF

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