Been a While!

I promise it has been interesting! Firstly, hope everyone is doing well and preparing for the world to open up. June is looking promising. I may open myself for national bookings again next month. Right now I’m not traveling or booking any travel outside of Georgia. I’m hosting as usual in Atlanta only. So please! If your serious about booking a session with me please make sure you are LOCAL to me First! Deposit and 24 hours Notice is ALWAYS REQUIRED!

Since my last blog post, I have started another business Trading Foreign Currencies with Tradehouse Investment Group. I was too busy studying to even blog that’s how focused I was when learning how to trade! So I’m proud to say the time away was well spent. I hope

You enjoy watching me grow or possibly joining me as embark on this new journey and teach yourself how to create another source of income for yourself. I don’t sell anything. I strictly trade currency, That’s It! 😎📶

I have also been researching a bright idea my mom gave me about anonymously writing children’s picture books! I have a Dope and Unique idea and the drive to match, so hopefully soon I can that ball rolling independently as well! I’m really excited about my new ventures. I have been stress free the last few weeks and extremely happy lately.

So what else is new with Me? My Complete Rebrand (QVF to TIERRADOLL). I have changed all links, clipstores and sites to TierraDoll so please take note of it! I don’t want anyone missing out because they are unable to find me lol.

I have also decided to part ways with the INFAMOUS SLAVE A. He was a small but very annoying and stressful part of my life for about 3 years. His intentions changed as he thought he could change me into his girlfriend 🤢silly LOSER! He became all too frequently Disrespectful and entitled to my time smh. So I decided to cut ties. Slaves are supposed to make your life easier not stress you consistently. So it was easy for me to move in with out him. So I now have a new spot for a personal assistant slave to fill his spot. You REAL SUBMISSIVES can inquire within. Be prepare to Tribute $100 to apply.

Right now I’m typing from my balcony laying on my hammock, drinking alkaline and seamoss water and reading a book. Staying as mentally productive as possible. I haven t been too interested in Skype video calls - only if it of a humiliation nature. My phone lines are always open!

I found another hobby potting new plants from stratch. I have basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, strawberries, lavender and onion growing on my balcony. I guess that’s it for my rambling lol you. An expect another blog post this weds and I will try to keep it 2x a week! Do remember my links:

Cashapp : $TierraDoll1

Talk to you all soon!!

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