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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hello Again! I’m glad you’re back to read another entry of my life. Today my neighbor inspired me to download a new video editing application and it wasn’t too expensive but it’s definitely worth the investment. Right now I am self teaching and getting better at using this new app on my MacBook. I recently also invested in a green screen so my video content will be more creative and more fun moving forward. I can’t wait to master this talent to share with you all Soon.

I had a late breakfast today and my dog Cawfee wasn’t so picky with her meal either. So I gave her a hard-boiled egg which she loves. My main slave pissed me off yesterday so I blocked his number and demanded $500 as an apology. He sent it at 1:28pm. Good boy. I unblocked him and sent him My sex audio and immediately gave him instructions to EDGE , while I humiliated him by telling him HE COULD NEVER MAKE ME MOAN LIKE THAT. Not only is he never allow to fuck me... not only is he to be in chastity forever around me, but he has no dick anyway! Waste of time so I constantly remind him! Every time he comes out of place I have to remind him. LOL Now I am sitting in the bedroom brainstorming on my next episode of my podcast because I am two months behind and I remember when I first started I released an episode every Monday. So yes now I am thinking that the topic should be about how my training with this main slave is going. People may like hearing about it. I really need to get back on my game as far as that.

I have also been cleaning up my YouTube channel because I would like to monetize it eventually, I still have a lot of free content there. Here is a link to my YouTube so you can subscribe and like my videos which helps which my engagement there. Thank you in advance for the love. I have also been taking this quarantine time to sit still and come up with a new Vanilla-friendly visual for my brand on YouTube in the future. So look out for those changes as well!

Last night I did a photo shoot with my mentee Miss Carmen cruise a.k.a. RubberFindom again. We always do great content together. This time we did a latex shoot with the boots and weapons. The full set pictures are on my only fans already and I will post a few on my Instagram and Twitter as well, but only 3. And today I am editing about four more videos featuring her to be released first on this official website and then sometime in May on my remaining clip stores and only fans.

I am looking to schedule a new Slave so that I may film some pegging clips. I have not filmed any pegging clips in over a year, so I would like to add some new ones to my library. So if you are interested in booking a pegging session with me and don’t mind wearing a mask to film do inquire with me ASAP.

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More Tomorrow, Your Queen QVF 💋

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